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LINK KNUCKLE - CRF linkage knuckle

Link KnuckleUsed by Jimmy Albertson, Mitchell Oldenburg and many other Pro Riders in the AMA Pro MX Nationals and Supercross

The latest generations CRF chassis has vastly improved steering geometry; unfortunately the rear suspension not only overpowers the front of the motorcycle making the steering “nervous”, it also has poor resistance to bottoming, so the whole motorcycle is unable to reach its full potential.

The majority of aftermarket suspension companies have chosen to offer a longer drag link. This delays the stock curve, making the top of the stroke feel more compliant; however it softens the shock through the entire stroke and decreases the steering head angle, which is undesirable.

After many hours testing, Merge presents you with the solution. The Merge Link Knuckle creates a completely new progression curve that stabilizes the rear suspension without compromising the steering geometry.

This product enhances handling with stock shock and units with modified damping.



#00-080:    LINK KNUCKLE (CRF450R '09-'12, CRF250R '10-'13)
#00-084:    LINK KNUCKLE (CRF450R '13-'15, CRF250R '14-'15)