The Importance of Good Oil

The Importance of Good Oil

By Merge Racing Technologies

 Why is it important to choose the right stuff

Recently one of our riders called us on his way home to let us know "Hey my bike is knocking", we told him to bring it down 1st thing the next morning and we would take a look. We received another call a little later when he got home "I know what's wrong", "sitting on the bench is the oil I meant to put in the motor", "I drained the oil and forgot to refill it, I can't believe it didn't quit, I did a warm-up, a couple of sprints, my first 30 minute moto and was nearly finished with my second 30 minutes when it started to knock." Of course we are thinking OMG it's destroyed, that's a $3000 bottle of oil right there. The next day the bike arrives, we pull the motor out and tear it down. To our amazement it wasn't catastrophic, sure everything had gotten toasty and we needed a new piston, new rod and oil pump but overall we were pleased that we had a build the motor “that” strong but, we honestly can't thank Blud Lubricants enough for their great products, the Blud oil film was that good a built race motor held up for well over an hour or two of abuse from a Pro Rider with just the drips of oil in the bottom of the cases. Crazy - Here's a look at the piston just after pulling the cylinder off.

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