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MRT can take your stock forks and get them performing and looking like Factory or Kit suspension, we can coat your tubes with various low friction coatings. What will that do? modern forks have lots of flex and tight tolerances so minimizing the friction allows the suspension to move freely and not bind, this gives you a smooth action and better traction or front wheel grip.

Kashima Upper Tubes - What is Kashima Coat? is a proprietary hard anodizing process process invented by the Miyaki Company of Japan. For the techy folks out there it's a hard-anodize conversion coating impregnated with molybdenum disulfide.

DLC Lower Legs - DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) is a very hard, low friction, lubricious coating that work well against to bushing and seals to reduce friction.

Ti Nitride Lower Legs. - (TiN) is a PVD coating (Physical vapor deposition,) and has a similar effect on friction reduction as DLC it just looks way cooler but sometimes not as durable as DLC

MRT has solutions from converting air forks to springs and we've pioneered the art of hybrid forks taking components from one brand and enhancing a different brand to up the performance.


Turn Around Time

Generally you can expect a 2 or 3 business days turn on your suspension rebuild and/or or re-valve

How to Box it Up

Thoroughly clean and dry all the components. Use a sharpie or similar marker to write your name and phone # on the fork legs and shock body, wrap them in a plastic bag and seal the bag with tape. We recommend you ship your suspension in a gun case; these can be found for as low $40. If this is not possible use a sturdy cardboard box and wrap each unit in bubble wrap. Note: we do not recommend using Styrofoam peanuts as these shift in the package allowing the parts to move and can cause damage.

What to Ship

Shipments should include only the components that you want us to work on.

Following Up after You Ship

E-mail us the tracking # for your shipment to and we will schedule your project in so there is no delay.