Fork Oil Seals

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These MRT Oil Seals are manufactured by NOK, a top Japanese company and supplier to all the Japanese suspension manufacturers. NOK is known for their quality and durability. All oil seals are supplied in pairs unless otherwise noted.

SKU# 00-438-35M-A

Marzocchi 47mm NOK (pr)

SKU# 00-438-35W-B

WP 35mm

SKU# 00-438-35W-A 

WP '12-'16 35mm

SKU# 00-438-36K

KYB 36mm

SKU# 00-438-43W

WP 43mm

SKU# 00-438-47S

Showa 47mm

SKU# 00-438-48KS

KYB/Showa 48mm NOK (ea)

SKU# 00-438-48W

KYB/Showa 48mm NOK (ea)

SKU# 00-438-49S

Showa 49mm NOK (ea)

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