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A shock service at MRT starts with disassembly, then cleaning and inspecting everything to see what needs to be replaced, if needed we contact you to give you an update on the condition and advise you on any unexpected and/or additional service parts needed, then we rebuild ready go ride. Note: MRT only replaces wear parts that we feel need to be changed - we don't automatically replace every wear part to increase the invoice amount.


Turn Around Time

Generally you can expect a 2 or 3 business days turn on your suspension rebuild and/or or re-valve

How to Box it Up

Thoroughly clean and dry all the components. Use a sharpie or similar marker to write your name and phone # on the fork legs and shock body, wrap them in a plastic bag and seal the bag with tape. We recommend you ship your suspension in a gun case; these can be found for as low $40. If this is not possible use a sturdy cardboard box and wrap each unit in bubble wrap. Note: we do not recommend using Styrofoam peanuts as these shift in the package allowing the parts to move and can cause damage.

What to Ship

Shipments should include only the components that you want us to work on.

Following Up after You Ship

E-mail us the tracking # for your shipment to and we will schedule your project in so there is no delay.